Our next interview was with Zach Powell who has returned to us for this

(Q) Give us a potted history of your football journey thus far.

I started at Epsom as a youth team only a few years ago – only joking! – I
played for Epsom at youth, reserve and first-team levels and really enjoyed my
time at the football club, it was such a friendly place to play. I moved onto
Redhill and then had trials at Bromley and Woking on each trial I got injured
which put me out of the reckoning. I wanted to return to Epsom as I had in my
mind that I would like to go back to the place where I started – I am an old
romantic at heart you know!!!

(Q) How has pre-season training been?

It has been good, I needed to get fitter and have had a tailored programme from our strength and fitness coach. Apart from the fitness ‘stuff’ we have done a lot of ball and system work.

(Q) What are your thoughts on the season ahead?

I am very excited and cannot wait for the season to start – the quality of the squad that is being assembled is very impressive and we might surprise a few teams. I cannot wait to play on the new 3G at Cobham, that sort of pitch holds no fears for me.

(Q) What do you do away from football?

I used to work in the fitness industry and still have 3 clients that I work with 1-2-, but currently, I work in recruitment in the law and compliance sector – I really enjoy the work I am doing currently.

(Q) Anything strange you can tell us about yourself?

Not strange about me but for every team I have played for the away kit colour is
yellow; I find that a bit odd.

(Q) Anything else you want to tell us?
I have got into how football can help with your mental health and take you away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. It is an area I want to find out more about.