(Q) So, where does the nickname come from?

It goes back a long time to when I was 5 or 6 when Andy Woodman who is now the Bromley manager just called me ‘Tricky Nicky’ and it just stuck.  In my family, I am known as ‘Tricky’ as well.

(Q) Memories of the playoffs?

Happy ones of course, in control in the first match against Selsey and I just had a feeling that we would win– what about the penalty? To be quite honest it was the best I have ever taken so not a bad time to do it -and the final. Yes, a bit tenser, but we had a certain person called ‘Jaevon Dyer’ in our team and they didn’t.

(Q) Any other standout reflection on the season?

The thrashing we gave out to Wick earlier in the season when we really ‘clicked’ as a team and then of course my ‘goalkeeping masterclass’ away at Hailsham for over 70 minutes after our goalkeeper got sent off. I will be texting Tom Theobald our current No1 just to see if he wants me to give him a few tips – I did of course towards the end of the game take a few lessons from the ‘Jordan Pickford’ wasting time manual which served me well as we went onto to win the game?

(Q) I hear that you like a bit of red ball on willow over the summer period.

Yes, that’s right, I play for Walton-on-Thames as one of their opening bowlers and bat at No 7 – we play in the Surrey Championship Division 1 at a good standard – if there are any ‘Salts’ supporters who fancy coming along to a game you will be most welcome.

(Q) Looking forward to the Combined Counties?

Very much so and very much looking forward to taking advantage of some of the cultural sights when we visit Jersey (did I say that!).  In all seriousness, it looks like a tough league, but very much looking forward to it.

(Q) Tell us something about yourself none of your teammates knows.

I won the Independent Schools Football Cup which I am proud of at the MK Dons stadium playing for the Royal Russell school, we beat a strong Millfield team 2-1.

(Q) What do you do outside of playing in midfield for us or scoring a century for Walton On Thames?

I work at The Addington Golf Club as their only irrigation technician, so I look after the watering system to ensure that the course is properly watered.