(Q) Tell us something about Ash?
I am an absolute sports fanatic and have been for a long time. I like playing rugby, cricket and of course football at a high level. I lived in America and got into basketball and American football.

(Q) What attracted you to come to Epsom?
It is a club I have played against a few times, and I know it is a very well-run football club with huge ambition. James Scott sold me his vision of playing attractive football and I was sold on it and very much looking forward to helping the club next season.

(Q) First week of preseason how is it going?
We started with a bleep test which as you can imagine the boys really enjoyed that! It was great how welcoming the boys have been, the quality is particularly good as well – by the way it was blinking hot as well.

(Q) Footballing highlights?
Have been very privileged and won numerous cups and leagues. I managed a team in Chicago and at Loughborough University, and have learnt a lot, especially from coaching overseas on the diversity of different cultures. When I coached in Italy, I played in the same 5-a-side team as Kyle Walker, no doubt he remembers that experience well!

(Q) What do you do for a living?
I am an operations manager for a sports coaching company, trying to create many opportunities for children at primary school age – I also run a football academy.

(Q) Biggest thing you have learnt from playing football?
A lesson that you can apply to life as well is to impose yourself and be the best you can be at anything you try – take risks and act with courage – always be positive as possible.