We notified our supporters last week that Leatherhead Football Club had
decided to terminate our ground-sharing agreement.  We received this request
formally from them on the 27th of March; this gave us only 4 days to find an
alternative ground to play at for the 23/24 season.

With a very tight deadline of only 4 days to get another ground sharing
agreement in place a lot of hard work was completed predominately by our
Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Treasurer (including our holding company ESH) to
ensure that we can stay within the football pyramid.

Therefore, we are delighted to announce that our friends at Cobham Football
The club, have accepted our offer to ground share with them next season.  As
some of you may be aware, work is going on at Cobham FC to install a 3G
the pitch which we are very excited to be able to play on.  We are discussing with Cobham how we can help renew/implement some of the
infrastructure around the new 3G pitch before they build a new Clubhouse
which is the next stage of the development at their ground.

Our committee would like to thank Leatherhead Football Club for allowing us
to ground share at Fetcham Grove for the past 3 seasons.  We will be sorry
to leave and want to make a special mention to the match day staff who we
know and respect for all they do for us when we play at home.
We of course must not forget those Leatherhead supporters who regularly come
to watch us play, you will Of course be assured of a warm welcome from us at
Cobham FC.

We hope to have further news on our Back to the Borough campaign in the next
few weeks.  Our concentration is now fully on the end-of-season playoffs as
we strive to put our club into the next step of the football pyramid.